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The Studio at Home: 28-Day Program

10 April 2020

The Studio at Home: 28-Day Program 

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What's there to be scared of? Insecurities on the gym floor

24 July 2019

Regardless of shape, size or fitness level, everyone struggles with insecurities in the gym. I own a gym and still whenever I travel, you’ll find me tentatively picking my way around an unfamiliar weights room, sizing up members and minding my form like my life depends on it.

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Which is better: yoga or the gym?

17 July 2019

I’m frequently asked if there is an advantage to weight training over yoga. The answer to this question is two-fold.

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The first month at The Studio: what to expect

9 July 2019

We preach endlessly about how different we are to normal gyms (we’re “the gym for people who hate gyms,” don’t forget) so my aim when I meet a new client is to demonstrate just that.

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