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The first month at The Studio: what to expect

9 July 2019
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We preach endlessly about how different we are to normal gyms (we’re “the gym for people who hate gyms,” don’t forget) so my aim when I meet a new client is to demonstrate just that.

Just walking onto the gym floor, you get a feel for it – not a treadmill in sight, not a 5kg dumbbell to be found, my 2 year-old staffie-cross probably trying to steal something. You’ll either see a class of up to 15 Studio regulars having a bit of fun with our battle ropes, or you’ll have the place to yourself for an hour.

During the first three sessions with us, we insist on guiding each individual through our Foundation Course, a one-to-one programme (possible the dog if you’re lucky) where we assess your strengths, weaknesses, injuries, imbalances, technique or lack thereof, fitness goals, star sign, childhood aspirations (I digress,) and give you all the tools to begin your fitness journey with us, to ensure you’re training correctly, safely and effectively.  After the Foundation Course, you’re able to join any class that takes your fancy, and jump in with total confidence. Every class is led either by myself or one of my expert trainers, who will be briefed on your progress during the Foundation sessions - it’s practically a PT session.

So what can you expect during that first month?

First – let's get this out of the way – you will be sore. Just being honest. Your muscles will be sore, but it's a natural consequence of using them in ways they haven't been used before. And that’s a good thing! Don’t mistake this for an injury – we’re not like THAT training programme – we don’t cause injuries at The Studio, we correct them.

Aside from the soreness, you will be getting stronger and more mobile. This is the whole point of the process, and it's the difference between the effective training we do here, and the oftentimes half-hearted, half-arsed exercising people do at the gym.

Then, the numbers you record in your beautiful Studio-branded logbook will increase gradually. See, we focus on those numbers, not the ones you see on the scale. We don’t need that kind of negativity around here.

You will start to notice a difference in your body composition, and proficiency at daily activities (an example from one client was being able to skip up the five stories to his office, rather than keeling over half way up, deprived of both oxygen and all remaining self-esteem.)

You should also start to sleep better, and your posture will have improved. You’ll begin to love the prowler (maybe…I make no personal guarantees.) And, my favourite bit, you’ll join a community of supportive, friendly and like-minded individuals, who will encourage you and celebrate your victories alongside you.

So what can you expect during your first month at The Studio? Probably more than you'd expect.

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