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What's there to be scared of? Insecurities on the gym floor

24 July 2019
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Regardless of shape, size or fitness level, everyone struggles with insecurities in the gym. I own a gym and still whenever I travel, you’ll find me tentatively picking my way around an unfamiliar weights room, sizing up members and minding my form like my life depends on it.

The truth is, you can be a successful and confident individual in your daily life, but step foot onto a commercial training floor and it all counts for very little.

Rightly or wrongly, how good you look in your Nike shorts, the number of plates on the bar and the depth of your squat is the yard stick against which we feel judged.

It comes as little surprise then that this typical gym environment is daunting for most.

If we manage to overcome our anxieties and actually join a gym, the over-riding concern of being judged or ridiculed by our fellow gym goers as we fumble our way around the unfamiliar machines isn’t all that appealing, and all those niggling physical insecurities are magnified ten-fold.

There’s not much members can do about this, it’s really down to the gyms (and the wider fitness industry in general) to make their training environments more user friendly. We see some headway being made in boutique business models that are uniformly more intimate both in scale and atmosphere. Group classes, too, encourage a more supportive, community feel.

The Studio encompasses the two, and then takes it a bit further. We pride ourselves on being the ultimate user-friendly gym, ‘the gym for people who hate gyms’ we like to call it. Unlike most commercial set ups, there are no mirrors, no room for egos or selfies.

Every member, regardless of age or training experience, completes our foundation course – a one-to-one learning process across three sessions, tackling key lifts and techniques. We monitor each individual member, working around current or previous injuries, aches, pains or tightness.  We understand that everyone has their own struggles and weaknesses, so we ensure every single member feels comfortable and confident prior to joining our group training sessions. We level the playing field.

And for those who still would prefer the privacy of a one-to-one session, our founder Owen takes them on individually. So really, we’re the gym that makes people who hate gyms, not hate gyms.

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