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The method

A long-term, sustainable approach to health and fitness.

The Studio Method builds overall strength and fitness whilst improving balance and flexibility. The movements are expertly taught with the emphasis on proper technique and supervision is unwavering whether in small groups or 1:1.

Foundation course

The Foundation Course consists of three, one-hour private sessions.

During the course we’ll teach you everything you need to know prior to joining our group classes, including proper lifting techniques – perfecting your form, balance, breathing and movement patterns.

We’ll help you reach a comfortable level of proficiency and familiarity with our techniques, so you feel confident before joining our classes.

Whilst these sessions give us the chance to get to know you and your reasons for wanting to train with us, it also gives you the chance to get to know us.

Barbell therapy

Barbell therapy is a 60-minute group session, consisting of mobility work, barbell exercises and conditioning.

Unlike most group classes, we will have spent time getting to know you in the Foundation Course. Our coaches will be able to adapt any exercise within a session to meet your current needs, working around any previous or existing injuries.

During the session you will continue to benefit from 1:1 feedback and technical advice, whilst use of a personal logbook will ensure you progress at your own pace with quality, pain free movement.


Slightly more challenging than our Barbell Therapy classes, our 45-minute conditioning class will raise your heart rate and improve your fitness.

Unlike traditional HIIT classes and Bootcamps, which are often unstructured and impersonal, our conditioning classes are kept small enough to allow our coaches to adapt and modify exercises where necessary.

Although you’re guaranteed to sweat, we place a greater importance on the quality of movement. The exercises are carefully selected to reduce the risk of injury, improve postural development and build strength.


This 45-minute class incorporates accessory movements and mobility exercises to help you increase your flexibility and range of movement.

With an emphasis on posture, musculoskeletal alignment, recovery and pain reduction, mobility classes enhance physical performance and improve everyday movement.

Class sizes are small to ensure each client receives individual attention and beginners are welcome – no flexibility required.


Designed specifically for clients aged 70+, our 45-minute small group classes will improve strength, mobility and balance, increase energy levels, and help you fulfil everyday tasks with ease.

Exercises are carefully selected to remove any risk of injury and to ensure steady progression.

No previous training experience is needed or expected. We’ve successfully worked with older clients recovering from cancer treatment, struggling with chronic lower back pain and after hip replacements – proving you're never too old to start.

Personal training

Personal Training is our goal-orientated, 1:1 session, tailored to you.

Over 60 minutes, we can tackle current or previous injuries, build strength, cardiovascular fitness, and help with aches, pains and tightness. We can offer nutritional advice and specific rehabilitative training.

Perfect for those who prefer individual attention or want to build confidence before jumping into group classes.

Whatever your fitness level or goals, we are there to support and guide you through your fitness journey.

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